We can say that Aikido is a way to sweep away devils with the sincerity of our breath instead of a sword. That is to say, to turn the devil-minded world into the World of Spirit. This is the mission of Aikido.
Morihei Ueshiba




1. Do not have the mind to confront against the opponent.

2. Do no drag your feet.

3. Do not attack the opponent slowly or dully and without sharpness.

4. Do not hold the opponent loosely and reluctantly.

5. Do not doubt the mind of the opponent.

6. Do no hurry your actions (Depending on the situation, do not haste your actions and make sure that each move is precisely and mindfully done and with a calm mind.)

7. Do not disturb the flow of the rhythm of the movements.

8. Do not fear.  (When you feel fear, your action will not be done with confidence.)

9. Do not bend your hips. (Do not bend your back.)

10. Do not tense your shoulders.

11. Do not tense up your body.  (Do not stiffen your body.)

12. Do not put on airs or create mannerisms in your movements. 


The above actions are all bad. 


You should examine them carefully. 


Bad habits that are acquired while you are a beginner will be hard to be corrected. 


Do not over excite yourself during practice. 



Kubota Ikuhiro 8th Dan Shihan