In Aikido we control the opponent's mind before we face him. That is we draw him into ourselves. We go forward in life with this attraction of our spirit, and attempt to command a whole view of the world.
Morihei Ueshiba




Membership is open to Tuks students as well as members of the public. Beginners are, however, encouraged to observe at least one class in order to familiarize themselves with any risks and to accept the objectives of the art and culture of the Dojo before submitting an application.


One joins the dojo by filling in the appropriate forms and paying the prescribed fees. 
Classes are for adults (men and women of all ages and nationalities). Membership is restricted.


The club and the instructor takes no responsibility for any accidents or injuries resulting from practice.


If you would like to join the Dojo, either download print and complete the application forms listed below.


The following documents (in pdf and doc format) is available for download: