When an enemy tries to fight with me, the Universe itself, he has to break the harmony of the Universe . Hence at the moment he has the mind to fight with me, he is already defeated. There exists no measure of time- fast or slow.
Morihei Ueshiba


Etiquette and customs:


The practice of good manners, proper etiquette and mutual harmony is essential and is an integral part of AIKIDO.

Students are expected to tidy the dojo (practice hall) and to clean the mats prior to each lesson. The class must be ready on the mat and seated before the starting time. Alternatively, report to the instructor on the rare occasions when you happen to be late.

Japanese terminology and bowing protocol are used and has become standard practice in dojos throughout the world. (Bowing in this context resembles a salute and does not have any religious significance)

Practice is bright and must not inflict injury to others. It should, however, be energetic and remain focussed and practical.

Please involve third parties and take turns if odd numbers of students have to practice together.

You are welcome to ask questions and pass comments, but please save these discussions for after class.

No shoes on the mat and no smoking or eating in the training hall.


Always show respect.