I do not make a companion of men. Whom, then, do I make a companion of? God. This world is not going well because people make companions of each other, saying and doing foolish things. Good and evil beings are all one united family in the world. Aikido leaves out any attachment; Aikido does not call relative affairs good or evil. Aikido keeps all beings in constant growth and development and serves for the completion of the Universe .
Morihei Ueshiba


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Articles on Aikido to download and share :


 Reflections on Budo


This article takes the form of an exchange between Chiba Sensei and the editor of the Aikido Journal, Stanley Pranin.



This document is also available to download . 


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 12 Bad habits


A short article by Kubota Sensei,  listing the twelve most common bad habits amongst students.



Some Thoughts on Grading Examinations


An article first published in the British Aikido Federation Newsletter, December 2002, in which Kenneth Cottier Shihan discusses grading examinations. 

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