Then, how can you straighten your warped mind, purify your heart, and be harmonized with the activities of all things in Nature? You should first make God's heart yours. It is a Great Love, Omnipresent in all quarters and in all times of the Universe . "There is no discord in love. There is no enemy of love." A mind of discord, thinking of the existence of an enemy is no more consist­ent with the will of God.
Morihei Ueshiba


The art of Aikido


Aikido is an authentic Japanese art that comprises body arts, cardio vascular exercise, co-ordinated movement, touch, strategy, self defence, philosophy, life skills, cultural issues and much more. It can therefore be misleading to try and condense/ interpret it in a short summarising paragraph.  Many authoritive works have, however, been published on the subject. 


Where to begin?

Aikido comprises a vast spectrum of knowledge and experience. It delves deep into the ancient weapon systems and wisdom of Japan from which it originates and find deeper meaning in the sophisticated and integrated art that derives from it. Ultimately it finds expression in the combined body arts, co-ordinated movement, touch, strategy, life skills, defence, philosophy, culture and strict exercise that is unique only to Aikido. These features and underlying concepts cannot be conveyed without experiencing them directly from an experienced master, however, without words we cannot even begin the journey toward meaningful communication and better understanding.

You have to join a dojo and start practicing!!



  • AIKIDO entails rigorous exercise which include, amongst others, throws, projections and joint locks techniques. Though these can be dangerous and induce immediate submission, they are normally applied in a disciplined and graceful manner and also a caring environment so as not to cause any injury.
  • AIKIDO teaches you to control and to defend yourself. One learns to face many opponents simultaneously without using force. To be able to do this require insight and strict discipline and ultimately also the systematic, detailed polishing and perfection of the executed techniques.
  • AIKIDO will help you to develop a good posture and powerful, confident movement. The techniques do not require physical strength. It is practiced by people of all ages and physical make-up, by women and men alike.
  • AIKIDO is non-competitive, it is not a sport! Strength is not matched with strength and force is subtly redirected by means of extension and flowing circular movements. Since the techniques require flexibility, balance and timing, there is no need to oppose the force of the attack. We blend with the attack, take control and redirect it safely and effectively.
  • AIKIDO offers excellent exercise. It is a proven way of restoring and preserving a supple and healthy body. It is a good way of expending energy, to stimulate the heart and to tone the body. It helps one to acquire agile movement and speed of reaction. This is useful in every day life.
  • AIKIDO is practiced with a partner. By applying the techniques you learn from others and they in turn can learn from you. Practice is practical, applied, energetic and FUN!
  • AIKIDO literally means "The Way of Harmony" It is essentially non-competitive and non-violent. It is integrated with traditional Budo and addresses moral values. It also offers a practical and balanced lifestyle.
  • AIKIDO is promoted as a subtle and graceful martial art, effective and best suited for gentle people.